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We are experts in delivering a wide range of creative activities and workshops designed for schools and colleges. Our music-focused workshops include DJ master classes, radio presenting, music production, and songwriting.

Our courses aim to help young people work together to create a high-quality project. Our sessions are carefully planned to ensure maximum engagement, combining both music theory and practical skills.

Our workshops are inclusive, promoting team-building skills, fostering positive peer relationships, and enhancing confidence. At the same time, these sessions enable students to learn new skills by expressing their creativity. Radio presenting is a great way for students to improve their communication skills, practice their interview techniques, and explore social issues such as anti-bullying, gang prevention, and mental health.

At the end of each project, we celebrate with a mini graduation ceremony, giving certificates to the young participants to recognise their achievements and progress. We can also provide photos and videos of the program, with proper consent.

Enrichment Projects

Discover Tailored & Engaging Experiences

Our enrichment projects can be tailored to specific themes and topics of interest, with the added benefit of our DJ and Radio Presenting Master classes. Participants can create their own music pieces, developing their skills in songwriting, poetry, and rap using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Our projects are suitable for all ages, from beginners to advanced learners, and can be arranged as one-off workshops or term-long programs.

Prices start from £300 for a one-off workshop, offering accessible and enriching experiences for all.

After School Clubs

Unlock Creativity Beyond the Classroom

In our After School Clubs, students can learn and develop skills in radio presenting, DJ-ing, and music production. We also create performance opportunities for students to showcase their talents in singing, poetry, and rap.

For extra fun, we can bring our state-of-the-art mobile DJ van on-site if you have an outdoor area. We can work with groups of up to 60 young people, and organise sessions in different classrooms or halls, providing a variety of activities. Our clubs usually run for 1 to 1.5 hours, but can be extended if needed.

Funding our programs is easy – schools can choose between parental contributions or direct funding. Just give us the space, and we take care of the rest!

Prices start from £8 per student, offering accessible and enriching experiences for all.

Career Days

Explore Exciting Professions!

Our Career Days introduce students to the careers of DJs, hosts, producers, and professional artists, giving them a taste of possible future paths. We offer practical master classes for hands-on training, along with feedback forms and certificates.

Our popular days are full of insights, and may feature our mobile DJ van, adding more excitement if there is suitable access on-site. We also offer volunteering and employment opportunities within the academy.

Prices start from £500, making Career Days an affordable way to inspire and motivate future talents.

School & College Parties

Elevate Your Events

Planning a disco, gala, award ceremony, or fashion event? Our roster boasts a selection of fantastic DJs ready to elevate your next occasion. With an extensive music library spanning all genres and a range of disco equipment, from lights to smoke machines, we've got your entertainment needs covered.

Additionally, we offer talented artists for showcases and even involve students in live performances, adding a unique touch to your event.

Prices start from £350, ensuring unforgettable experiences without breaking the budget. Let the celebration begin!

Outdoor Fun Days & Fetes

Rev Up Your Outdoor Event!

Book our state-of-the-art mobile DJ van and fantastic team for an energetic experience at your next outdoor event. Dive into a variety of master classes tailored for all age groups. We'll set up a performance area, showcasing existing talent within your school and bringing our own performers. Our team ensures seamless announcements, cross-promoting all partnering organizations at your event.

Prices start from £500, promising an outdoor extravaganza that blends entertainment and collaboration. Let the good times roll!

Literacy & Music Workshops

We are excited to present an opportunity for young individuals to enhance their English literacy skills through the captivating medium of music.

In these workshops, participants will embark on a creative journey, crafting musical pieces inspired by diverse genres. Engaging in brainstorming sessions, fostering in-depth discussions, and refining their thoughts and feelings, young people will not only elevate their musical prowess but also significantly improve their English writing skills.

These workshops are flexible and can be customized, ranging from one-time pilot sessions to comprehensive 20-week projects. Join us in this harmonious exploration of language and music, where creativity knows no bounds!

Summer Easter & Half Term Activities

Extend the excitement beyond the school year with our specially curated programs for summer, Easter, and half-term breaks. Just like our engaging after-school clubs, we offer a comprehensive array of activities catering to students during their well-deserved holidays. Our programs are flexible, available as both half-day and full-day sessions, fitting seamlessly into your schedule as a one-time event or as part of a longer-term commitment.

Dive into an array of captivating activities, including DJ master classes, Radio Presenting, and Music Production, among others. Our adaptable workshops can be seamlessly executed in either a hall or classroom setting, or we can bring the energy right to your location with our mobile DJ van.

Affordability is at the forefront, with prices starting at just £15 per child. Alternatively, you can elevate the experience by booking our DJ van at a standard rate for a specified duration. Unleash the creativity and make the holidays memorable with our dynamic and accessible holiday programs!

Prices start at just £15!

One-Off Assemblies

As an integral component of our school engagement initiatives, we offer captivating one-off assemblies designed to inspire your students with the impactful work of the academy and its positive contributions to the community.

These assemblies provide a unique opportunity for demonstrations and insights into the dynamic world of music production. We share valuable information about diverse career paths within the industry, shedding light on the essential elements that contribute to a successful career.

Elevate your students' understanding of the music production realm and empower them with the knowledge needed for a potential career in this dynamic industry.

Pricing for these informative and motivational assemblies begins at £250.

School & College Radio Station/Recording (Build, Set up and Training)

Transform your school or college into a hub of creative expression with our School & College Radio Station/Recording Studio Build, Set-Up, and Technical Training service. By enlisting our expertise, you can seamlessly establish a student-teacher recording studio or radio station right within your premises.

Our comprehensive support includes everything from converting existing spaces to the purchase and installation of all necessary equipment. The end result? A fully-fledged, operational radio station facility ready for use. We go beyond set-up, providing full training to a core team of individuals, ensuring they are well-equipped to confidently and competently manage the day-to-day operations of the station.

These initiatives have proven to be invaluable additions to the educational environment, offering students an alternative and enriching experience compared to traditional well-being room offerings. Our modules cover a spectrum of skills, including DJ Master classes, radio presenting, positive lyrical writing, showcasing talents, podcasts, and much more. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your school or college, these projects can span from 4 weeks to a comprehensive 12 weeks, providing a dynamic platform to support and enhance social and mental well-being initiatives.

Please contact us for a price.

Social Awareness Days

Educate, engage, and empower with our Social Awareness Days for Schools and Colleges. We offer impactful programs covering a range of important topics, using music as a powerful tool to facilitate discussions, foster communication, and orchestrate fantastic projects.

Some examples include:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Safety Awareness (Strangers, Grooming)
  • Drugs Misuse
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Poverty Awareness
  • Self-Love Month
  • Start Children Health Campaign
  • International Women’s Day
  • ...and many more.
  • These events provide an opportunity not only to inform young people and adults but also to encourage open dialogue and creative expression through music. For additional information on our offerings and how we can tailor these programs to suit your needs, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

    Please contact us for a price.


    Unlock new opportunities with our Qualifications program, where we provide a diverse range of certifications, including AQA qualifications, mentoring certifications, youth work accreditations, and Arts awards.

    Our team is ready to guide you through the details and assist in selecting the most fitting qualification for your needs. Reach out to our dedicated team for more information on how these qualifications can pave the way for personal and professional growth.

    Please contact us for a price.

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    What People Say

    We have loved every second of working with the DJMC Academy. It has been great for us to see our pupils so engaged and willing to learn about something they have probably never considered doing before. Staff took the time to get to know our pupils and build relationships with them using music and art as a hook to capture their imaginations. We hope to be able to work with DJMC Academy again in the future to produce more amazing work together.
    Carl Blackstock, Assistant Headteacher, Fern House Scool
    I enjoyed the workshop as it helped me to express my emotions by playing music. It was so much fun. I really do hope we can work with them again. The staff were really welcoming and didn't make us feel bad for making mistakes. They taught us several times and were very patient with us.
    TRM (pupil), Fern House Scool
    I liked how enthusiastic the staff were. They showed a lot of commitment to making us learn new skills and stay engaged.
    RC (pupil), Fern House Scool
    I enjoyed using the microphones and decks to make a radio show. It was fun making our own beats.
    JM (pupil), Fern House Scool
    My experience with the DJ workshop was great. The activities my class did involved making a radio show and producing beats. Overall it was a lot of fun and hopefully we can do it again.
    CC (pupil), Fern House Scool
    I enjoyed making a radio show for Black History Month. All the staff were friendly and easy to get along with.
    LC (pupil), Fern House Scool
    It was so fun and entertaining. I personally enjoyed the lessons and the fun, friendly and enthusiastic staff.
    AT (pupil), Fern House Scool
    The DJ Workshop was fun and exciting! We got to learn new things as well as how a radio show would operate. We had fun and are grateful to have had them come in.
    RP (pupil), Fern House Scool
    The tutors have been really welcoming and have developed an excellent rapport with the students. Even when the singers were behaving like 'divas', their patience, professionalism and pedagogy was apt for the students. I look forward to working with the DJ & MC Academy again...
    Kieran West, Northumberland Secondary School
    The British DJMC Academy have been warmly received by our students, who have loved the opportunity to experience writing lyrics and then getting the chance to perform them on a microphone. Their staff are extremely friendly and seem to have a lot of experience working with and supporting students.
    Andrew Louis, Curriculum Co-ordinator & Music Teacher, Enfield Secondary Tuition Centre, Eldon Site
    Once again a big thank you to you and your team. The kids really loved it!!!!
    Chinelo Moh, Latymer All Saints Primary School
    After speaking with colleagues they have mentioned that sessions are going really well.
    Obi Onyido, Learner Engagement Worker, College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
    DJing was great! The students had a fantastic time, even played a couple for us old teachers, which went down well
    Gwyneth Gibson, Teacher, St Mary's High School, Cheshunt
    Working with the DJMC Academy has been an absolute pleasure. They are really professional; promote good values among students and really know how to have fun when doing so! I was so impressed with how flexible they were in creating our individual programme and the willingness to keep going until it was perfect. And, it was perfect! There is no doubt that this day and the important message about safety will not be forgotten. Great energy – hope to see you for more inspiration soon!
    Kathleen Sorrell, Assistant Principal, Walthamstow Academy
    Krissy and the team at The DJ and MC Academy have supported the College at numerous events over the past few years, they have always been a delight to work with from event conception through to event day. Whilst providing fun and engaging sessions for our students they also inspire them to learn and discover new skills. We would happily recommend the team to anyone looking to book their services.
    James Page, School Liaison and Events Planner, Barnet and Southgate College

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