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About Us

The British DJ & MC Academy is a youth arts organisation based in North London.

In 2008, Krissy founded the DJ&MC Academy, driven by a passion to connect people through music. Pioneering a revolutionary mobile outreach van, she brought the rhythm directly to communities. In 2010, Krissy's appearance on Dragons Den became a platform to showcase her unwavering determination, setting the stage for sustained success.

Over 12 years, the academy has touched the lives of 100,000+ individuals across London, Wales, and Manchester. Through economic challenges and pandemic lockdowns, Krissy's journey from a teenage DJ to a youth hostel manager reflects her commitment to positive impact.

Krissy's global DJ career includes commanding sets from Miami to Ibiza and a decade at Kool FM. The academy's team, including former participants turned tutors, plays a pivotal role in its success. Beyond outreach projects, the academy excels in community events, cultivating a talented pool of DJs, producers, and artists.

Re-established as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2019, the academy secured funding, including support from Sadiq Khan's violence reduction project. Achievements extend to establishing radio stations, building studios, and nurturing artists under the Sonitus Music Group label. Notably, our artists have earned MOBO nominations, Sony ATV contracts, and over 100 million streams on mainstream radio.

The DJ&MC Academy stands as a testament to Krissy's vision and the transformative power of music.

Music unquestionably connects people from all walks of life. The work we do continues to leverage this virtue, delivering programmes to some of the most deprived parts of our city.
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Managing Director

Radio Presenter & Sound Engineer

Singing Tutor

DJ, Producer & Mentor

DJ & Radio Presenter

Youth Ambassador

DJ E Dott
DJ, Radio Presenter & Producer

DJ, Radio Presenter & Tutor

Rapper & Producer


DJ Tutor

DJ Tutor

DJ, Music Production & Presenting Tutor

Lyricist & Production Tutor



Case Studies

To name just a few young people who have come through the Academy and are now inspiring artists and tutors alike.


FKA Twigs

Tahliah Debrett Barnett, known by her stage name FKA Twigs, is a multifaceted British artist renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to music, dance, and fashion. Before captivating global audiences with her genre-bending soundscapes and avant-garde performances, Twigs honed her craft as a dance tutor at The DJMC Academy in 2011.

From those formative years, she emerged as a trailblazing singer-songwriter, dancer, and visual artist, captivating audiences worldwide with her unique blend of electronic music, trip hop, R&B, and avant-garde influences. Twigs' meteoric rise to prominence includes critically acclaimed albums such as LP1 and Magdalene, along with her recent mix-tape, Caprisongs, released under Atlantic Records. With a Grammy nomination, numerous accolades, and a groundbreaking NME Godlike Genius award to her name, FKA Twigs continues to push artistic boundaries and inspire generations with her unparalleled creativity and visionary approach to artistry.


What People Say

I enjoyed the workshop as it helped me to express my emotions by playing music. It was so much fun. I really do hope we can work with them again. The staff were really welcoming and didn't make us feel bad for making mistakes. They taught us several times and were very patient with us.
TRM (pupil), Fern House Scool
The tutors have been really welcoming and have developed an excellent rapport with the students. Even when the singers were behaving like 'divas', their patience, professionalism and pedagogy was apt for the students. I look forward to working with the DJ & MC Academy again...
Kieran West, Northumberland Secondary School
The academy has been a huge success, we have seen some real talent and potential in the young people who have taken part, as well as increased confidence and self-esteem. The academy has given them the chance to try something new and has equipped them with valuable skills...
Jenny Newbold, Fundraising Officer, St Christopher's Fellowship
Great team to work with, everyone is both extremely professional and friendly. The workshops have been fun and interactive. The young people at our projects have developed both their confidence and skills
Rabena Faried, Manager, Look Ahead Housing
The British DJ & MC Academy have been contracted by London Action Trust to deliver diversionary programmes to young people from high crime gang affected estates on the Waltham Forest gangs intervention project. Activities included open music workshops and accredited courses over a period of 12 weeks. They have successfully engaged young people in positive activity teaching techniques, lyric writing and radio presenting skills.

The young people have learned how to create and perform demonstrating a transition in their thought processes, thinking about their aspirations and directions in life. British DJ & MC Academy have remained professional, enthusiastic and have made every effort to develop the young people using minimal resources. I am willing to support this organisation because I sincerely believe the team have great motivation and a proven track record to make a change in the communities by offering young people alternative paths.
Diane Prempeh, Project Manager, London Action Trust

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