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Innovative workshops for young people and adults in urban London

About Us

The British DJ & MC Academy is a youth arts organisation based in North London.

Since we began our journey in 2008 we've had the pleasure of working with over 40,000 young people and adults across 20 London Boroughs, engaging, developing and influencing through the medium of music.

The academy was set up to address a clear shortfall in outreach programmes available for young people living in urban London.

What makes us unique is our ability to reach young people in their own social environment through our fully customised DJ vans.

These mobile music facilities enable us to take music to the streets, providing a positive gateway for young people in need of inspiration.

Music unquestionably connects people from all walks of life. The work we do continues to leverage this virtue, delivering programmes to some of the most deprived parts of our city.
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Meet the Team

  • Krissy Sims (DJ Trickles)
    Krissy Sims (DJ Trickles)
    Founder/Managing Director
  • Christian Odamtten
    Christian Odamtten
    Managing Director MD Records
  • Kenneth Barber
    Kenneth Barber
    Executive Director
  • Marie
    Project Manager
  • Caroline
    Safe-Guarding Manager
  • Dwain Chambers
    Dwain Chambers
  • Pembe
  • Jason J Beatz
    Jason J Beatz
    DJ Tutor/Producer
  • Pedro Prophesize
    Pedro Prophesize
  • Brad Osman
    Brad Osman
  • Candice (C Cane)
    Candice (C Cane)
    MC Tutor/Songwriter/Producer
  • Ellen Blane
    Ellen Blane
  • Monica Michael
    Monica Michael
  • Jason (Sharpey)
    Jason (Sharpey)
  • Dante
    Beat Boxer
  • Dexplicit
  • Ben Murphy (MC Mekar)
    Ben Murphy (MC Mekar)
  • Pablo
  • Keya Lake
    Keya Lake
    Songwriting and Singing Tutor
  • Kenny (MC Utter Once)
    Kenny (MC Utter Once)
  • Charmz
  • Emmanuel
  • LP
    MC Tutor
  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam
    Beat Boxer
  • Jermaine (Junior Dangerous)
    Jermaine (Junior Dangerous)
    Sports Manager/Rapper/Singer
  • Omar
  • Kareem
    Producer/Bass Player
  • Glen
    A&R Manager
  • Johnny Royal
    Johnny Royal
  • Duvaniel
    Sound Engineer/Producer
  • Dylan
  • Oskar
  • Ricardo
  • Elbie
    DJ Volunteer
  • Gledion
  • Alan
    Studio Assistant/Volunteer
  • Bonnie
  • Shantelle

What People Say About Us

"I appreciate the opportunity the youth club at TAB has given me. I look forward to visiting the studio, learning to use the equipment and getting the chance to create my own sound. No matter which member of staff is at the studio they are always willing to share their knowledge and encourage my passion for music. See you back in the studio soon!"
Lewis (student), Potters Bar
"A big thank you to you and your team for Saturday, should we decide to hold any other events in the future and would be more than happy to use the Bass Station once again."
Jason Fleming, Local Assemblies Co-ordinator, Catford Community Services
"The tutors have been really welcoming and have developed an excellent rapport with the students. Even when the singers were behaving like 'divas', their patience, professionalism and pedagogy was apt for the students. I look forward to working with the DJ & MC Academy again..."
Kieran West, Northumberland Secondary School
"The British DJ & MC Academy have been contracted by London Action Trust to deliver diversionary programmes to young people from high crime gang affected estates on the Waltham Forest gangs intervention project. Activities included open music workshops and accredited courses over a period of 12 weeks. They have successfully engaged young people in positive activity teaching techniques, lyric writing and radio presenting skills. The young people have learned how to create and perform demonstrating a transition in their thought processes, thinking about their aspirations and directions in life. British DJ & MC Academy have remained professional, enthusiastic and have made every effort to develop the young people using minimal resources. I am willing to support this organisation because I sincerely believe the team have great motivation and a proven track record to make a change in the communities by offering young people alternative paths."
Diane Prempeh, Project Manager, London Action Trust
"Krissy and the team at The DJ and MC Academy have supported the College at numerous events over the past few years, they have always been a delight to work with from event conception through to event day. Whilst providing fun and engaging sessions for our students they also inspire them to learn and discover new skills. We would happily recommend the team to anyone looking to book their services."
James Page, School Liaison and Events Planner, Barnet and Southgate College

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