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3rd February 2022

The Mayor of London working in partnership with The DJ & MC Academy to combat youth violence

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21st January 2022

2022 Bookings Now Open

The DJ and MC academy are taking bookings for 2022 if you have an event you would like us to get involved in. Birthdays parties, corporate or sporting events, community days please get in contact.

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21st December 2021

Gracie on the Big Narstie Christmas Show on Channel 4

Gracie has suffered with low confidence and anxiety since joining our academy at the age of 13. Now look at her go!

She has trained to be a tutor, an amazing singer and performer. Listen to the link here:

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21st December 2021

Bellah Update

So proud of our Bellah and everything she has accomplished over the years and here is what she has achieved recently!

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28th September 2021

Unveiling Our New Pop Star Recording Studio Parties

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26th August 2021

We Made it on the News!

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1st February 2020

Calling Out Young People’s Role Models in the Music Industry

The DJMC has been running for over 12 years now and had the pleasure in working and teaching over 80,000 young people and adults. We are looking for artists who want to volunteer, perhaps even an hour to really inspire young people in their future paths. If you have been affected in the past by poverty, gang related issues, hardship, mental health or any difficulties and want to tell your story to give more positive hope please contact us. We would really love to hear your story and hope more young people will take a greater path in their future.

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15th January 2020

Our New Recording Studio is Ready!

After 6 months of building and creating our studio is ready to be used to create amazing music. The studio has been designed to continue to run our in house label with an array of talented artists we having been working with for the last 6 years. The studio has been fully equipped with a state of the art Mac, microphones, turntables, cdjs, mixer, Roland drum kit and will be used for creating music for private clients and also tuition programs.

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20th November 2019

Celebration Event @ Barnet & Southgate College

We would had a celebration event which included DJ’s, food and a fun workshops as all the young adults had progressed into internships, education and employment. We would like to say thank you for working so hard and fulfilling your goals. We believe everyone can achieve and this program just proves so.

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4th October 2019

Yes London Project Continued…

So far on the Yes London project we have recruited over 40 young Neet adults and of these half have already progressed. The project is well on its way and the young adults are setting goals, improving their maths and English skills, getting involved in music workshops as this is a main part of the DJMC academy and really going from strength to strength. We will continue to work with our amazing partners local councils, social workers, support groups to give them as many opportunities as possible.

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18th September 2019

Arsenal FC Master Class

The DJMC teamed up with Arsenal football club to offer a range of master classes for Arsenal fans who were ages 16-20. We set up 10 state of the art DJ Set ups, the main stage and recruited 10 of our best DJ Tutors and radio presenters. They were Jason Kaye, Funky Flirt, Connie, Anton Black, DJ KCC to name a few. The present was Roman Kemp himself who hosted the entire event. The purpose of the workshops was the winners got to play their mix on Match day so they worked very hard for 2 hours learning how to mix in a group, present and even got their demos recorded. It was an amazing event.

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26th August 2019

Hackney Summer Outreach Program

Over the summer of 2019 we had a pleasure in being involved in many fantastic community events in Hackney. We engaged over 100 young people in the project and taught them some amazing skills including, rapping, DJ’ing, radio presenting and lyrical writing.

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1st July 2019

Yes London Project (Barnet College)

The DJMC academy has been commissioned to run the Yes London project at Barnet College in Wood Street. The M.D. of of the academy Krissy Sims who has written Btecs for the college in the past is leading on the program. Young adults aged 16-24 who are Neet will not only enrol onto the program but progress into their chosen paths. The program has been running for 3 weeks and already some of the young adults have started apprenticeships and employment with the help and guidance of the amazing team of DJMC academy.

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30th June 2019

Yes London Project June 2019

The DJMC academy has been commissioned to run the Yes London project in partnership with Burleigh College and Southgate and Barnet College. To date we have engaged and signed up over 60 young adults onto the program from Barnet and West London of which over 45 of these young adults have gone into Education, employment and Apprenticeships. We have been focusing on interview techniques, Confidence building through music and group work, CV writing, setting goals and looking at the barriers they may face and applying for their employment, courses and apprenticeships. This mentoring program has been fantastic and very inspiring.

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10th June 2019

Burleigh College European Social Fund Youth Programme “Yes West LDN”

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20th March 2019

Barnet & Southgate ESF Gold Program

The DJMC academy were commissioned by Barnet College to run the Goldd program. This program was running for 18 months where we signed up over 95 young adults who were 16-24 years old living in Barnet and West London. We not only found the young people through referrals out outreach and working in partnership with social workers, job centres and the youth offending team but also set their goals, signed them up to the project and ensured more then 90 progressed into apprenticeships, employment and educational routes of their chose. We also tracked their progress and offered them all 6 months mentoring to ensure they were all going well. The skills they learnt was more life skills, interview techniques, cv writing and confidence building so that they could achieve their goals.

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20th February 2019

Our New DJ Van!

So we thought our other vans are amazing but wanted to kit out and update something as with time and technology we always need to move with it otherwise you tend to get left behind. We designed our new van so it’s has the newest pioneer controller with serato, loads of microphones and logic so not only can you perform or even plug in a live band we can also show you how to produce music out in the open air. It’s all electronic so you just press a button and the equipment slides out to you and we have ableton push pads and the speakers float. If we are out in the evening we also have star gazing lights at the back so you can feel like your on another planet. We use this for outreach programs, sports events, festivals and also private event so if you need something a little different this would be your best choice of public engagement.

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29th November 2017

Salesforce Trail Blazer Event

The DJMC academy had the pleasure of being involved in the Salesforce event where many entrepreneurs and companies came along to a tech conference. We not only had the DJ booked for the evenings entertainment but also involved one of our talented singers of the academy Bellah who performed 3 tracks for the attendees. It was a brilliant event.

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7th September 2017

Urban Gamez 2017

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5th May 2017

Accredited Music Course at the RAF Museum, London

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