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4th October 2013

Rapping Course Focuses on the Positive

Rapping Course Focuses on the Positive

TUTORS MC Relentless (left) and DJ Dsypher (right) give hip hop artist Flow (centre) DJ tips at a workshop offering guidance on positive lyrics.

They joined more than 25 teenagers from Homsey at the British DJ and MC Academy’s mobile music studio in Campsbourne Road, Hornsey, as part of a project organised by Circle 33 Housing Trust to improve the life chances of young people.

Academy member DJ Trickles said: “Some are amazing but not all teenagers have got positive lyrical content, so we give them training.”

The academy aims to take the glamour out of drugs and gangs by explaining the consequences – prison and even death.

Oman, 16, who lives in Hornsey, said: “The academy is a great institution. It could be used to pull youths away from crime.”

The 12 best will take a course in radio presenting, positive lyric-writing and MCing, and they may get to play at the Notting Hill Carnival in August.

DJ Trickles said: “We choose people who are really dedicated but need a bit of guidance.”

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