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18th July 2015

The TAB Centre Community Charity Event

The DJ and MC Academy provided a showcase for the community and young people to get involved and share their talents. Certificates were given out to all who took part!

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18th July 2015

TaB Centre Plus Community Open Day

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13th July 2015

TaB Centre Plus Community Open Day, Saturday 18th July 12-4pm


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20th October 2014

Recording Studio Parties at TAB


Recording studio parties at Tab have started as of October 2014 and have had many fantastic success.

We have been offering our studio with one of our fantastic Academy engineers to record young peoples favourite songs and just give them a party to remember. If you are organising your child’s Birthday party then if you want to do something different and have something to play them back when they are 18 then this is something you would like to book, contact the team.

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17th June 2013

Our recording studio has arrived!

The DJMC Academy has partnered up with The TAB Centre in Palmerston Road which is now our permanent base to offer any artist whatever your age, experience, genre of music a place to get your creativity recorded.

This amazing centre has everything from a sports hall, dance studios, recording studios, IT rooms and we are now launching our summer programs. We will be offering young people and adults a chance to come in for a full day and learn every skills from recording and writing your own album, DJ’ing and radio presenting, Dance, Positive lyrical writing and it also gives parents a chance to drop your children to a safe and fun filled centre and pick them up after work. We will be offering not only qualifications but workshops and these will run over the 6 weeks in the summer holidays and then evenings on term times. Age ranges are from 8-11 years old 11-18 years and over 18 yrs old will be booked into evening workshops. Every workshop and course will end with a showcase of the skills you have learn’t and everyone will receive a certificate of the skills you have learnt.

Prices are just from £5 per person or £15 per full day. The workshops and course will run from 8-30-14-30 (Young groups) 14-30-18-30 teenagers and after 7pm over 18 years old.

We will be putting on a showcase event on Thursday 11th July so if you want to come and have a look around the Centre and see the talented young people perform please get in touch.

Spaces are limited so please hurry. Email us at and ask for a registration form.

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