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17th March 2011

My Mic Soundz Nice @ Cossall Estate, Peckham

British DJ&MC Academy & the Midi-Music Companyhave joined forces to create My Mic Soundz Nice project with young people from the Cossall Estate, Peckham!

Over ten weeks the British DJ&MC Academy team have been delivering DJ & MC workshops. Chris Intaface & DJ Ripz built a great rapport with the young people working on DJ & Radio Presenting skills and MC ShayD & MC Offkey perfecting lyrical and performance skills. All young participants are enthusiastically working towards a final performance on the 24th March 2011 – where 2 young artists will be selected as winners for prizes and exclusive membership at MMC!

If you would like to come along and support these great young artists on their journey – please come along or call the academy office for more details!

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16th March 2011


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7th March 2011

FUN-DAYS FOR ORGANISATIONS! Enter prize draw for a fun, FREE team building event in your organisation!

The British DJ & MC Academy are now offering FUN, MUSIC-FILLED, TEAM BUILDING DAYS for organisations!

In this current climate morale and motivation can be low, so we, at the British DJ & MC Academy have decided to give back to those who need lifting to new horizons. In doing so, we are giving organisations the amazing and exclusive opportunity to win a free workshop by entering our prize draw.

Our fun-days does what its says on the tin! You will be learning the fundamentals to commercial radio presenting, whilst learning more about your work colleagues and managers! These fun-days build confidence at work, create a more relaxed working environment, reduces stress and office politics, but most of all provides a creative expressive outlet for everyone!

There are five workshops up for grabs – all you need to do is reply to our BLOG (via comments) with your organisation name, email address and an express of interest outlining how your organisation can benefit from a free, team building-fun day.

successful entrants will be notified.

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11th February 2011

::Volunteers Wanted!::

The British DJ & MC Academy are seeking volunteers who would like to get actively involved in our Academy and to make a difference! If you have 2 to 10 hours available per week, the door is open for you!

Volunteers are welcome to join our office team and get hands on behind the scenes. For those who are seeking a more creative role have the opportunity to contribute to the Academie’s various music workshops! Alternatively, if its not suitable for you to travel to our office or workshop locations, you can flyer for us at your local schools, colleges and still earn recognition.

At the DJ & MC Academy we understand the importance of volunteering and how useful it can be in gaining valuable hands on work experience in the creative sector as well as the prospects of job opportunities.

We are here to give you work experience in changing lives!
If you are interested please contact our office on 0208 691 7227!

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25th January 2011

Enrolling for 5 week Music Programme in Association with Kickz & Barnet Football Club Community Trust

The DJ & MC Academy are running a 5 week Music Programme, starting the 24th Jan until the 21st Feb 2011.

The productive and dynamic course will consist of radio presenting, DJ skills, mic techniques, tune selection, beat matching and so much more. Recommended for beginners, although all levels of proficiency in music are welcome.

Come down and join the DJ & MC Academy Music Programme every Monday Evening 6:00 – 7:30 pm at the Underhill Junior School, Mays Lane, EN5

Available to all young people up to the age of 25.

If you would like to participate contact the DJ & MC Academy at or alternatively call the office on 020 8691 7227.

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8th November 2010

Starting at Crossways 6th Form College: Enrichment Programmes

Our first Social Awareness Through Radio Presenting! DJ Connie Con, Lady MC & Chris Intaface open the course with an amazing group of students … watch this space!

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17th November 2008

Could You Live With Yourself?

These are the words left on a note at a shrine dedicated to Tommy Winston, the popular teenager stabbed to death in a Kentish Town street.

They were written by Tyrell Anderson, one of Tommy’s best friends and old schoolmates, just before he handed himself in to the police.

On Monday afternoon, Mr Anderson heard his words read back to him from the dock at the Old Bailey where he is now standing trial for murder. Mr Anderson admits manslaughter but denies the charge of murder.

“Tom you was one of my best pals. I didn’t meen to, please believe me. Only God know’s why this happened. I’m in a knightmare and I can’t wake from it. I don’t no the difference between my dreams and real life anymore Tom. For days now I’ve been wishing this was all a dream, only until I’ve jus walked to where it happened and seen all the flowers and pictures that I know it must be real. It must be about 04.00 am, knowone is on the road accept for me. Everyone finks im scum and I am…

But I know you no I never meant it and that’s all that matters in my life now Tom. Remember all the times we played football together (so many) you was always the best at freekicks. You tought me how to take them Beckham style. You would always pick me out at corners and freekicks. Me, you and Tanny yous’ed to be the best in the whole borough. We all should of made it together. Tom I can’t believe I did it. I thought of 101 different ways to end my life and be with you Tom to tell you face to face how sorry I am.

But I wasn’t man enough to do any of them. So I’m writing this before I give myself in for good. To tell your family, Phil, D, Whinnie and all the rest that I’m sorry to put you through so much pain. I know what its like to loose someone but not in that way you lost Tommy. You don’t deserve to be goin through this. Words can not explain how sorry I am. I no you Hate me and wan’t me dead but please believe I never meant to do this, I’m not a murderer even though you think I am and everyone else does. I’m not.
Everyone who knows me, knows I’m not that kind of person. Tom, we were friends for at least seven years Tom. We were exactly like each other at 1 stage in our lives, we liked all the same things. Two of them was football and the same girls. I love you Tom, I know I’ll be joining you soon Tom. To everyone who knew and loved Tommy I’m so sorry to end his life. I didn’t mean to put you through this type of pain. Tommy one of my best pals. I’m so sorry Tom. You didn’t deserve what happened to you. Sorry my nigga. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.”

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