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22nd January 2013

Cowper Gardens Estate Outreach starting Wednesday 30th Jan 2013

After 6 weeks on Cowper estate and a program at the Allan Pullinger the Bass Station is returning to the cowper estate for a 5 week program. This will take place every Wednesday from 3-5pm so if you live in the Southgate area and want to get involved in a showcase, add skills, learn how to use all the current DJ software and hardware including Serato. Come and join in with the fun. Any ages apply and if you have got no or some experience we would love you to get involved and join in. 

You can see the tutors and the van on The Field at The Cowper estate next to the basket ball pitches!

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22nd January 2013

Hackney Empire Boroughs United 17th Feb 2013

Krissy sims will be judging the Boroughs United 2013 competition with some of the latest and hottest young acts on the Scene alongside a Star judge watch this space….. Not only will you get the chance to see the best acts battle in the competition for first prize you will also get to see some of the Academys big acts performing which will include C Cane, Kennith Barber and MC Milze in the breaks and at the end of the competition while judges make up their minds who will take first prize in the age categories. 

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22nd January 2013

10 week Program with The British DJ Academy and Tottenham Hotspurs

10 Week Courses have started with The British DJ Academy and Hotspurs young people will not only create their own Lyrics, tracks, put together their very own radio presenting shows and learn to write songs and lyrics but will be performing at a live day match in front of Tottenham supporters on The Bass Station for the duration on the match. If you want to get involved workshops are running Tuesdays and Fridays from 6-8pm.

Workshops are taking place at Rushcroft Secondary School on Fridays and White Hart Lane community sports centre.  If you are between 11-19 and want to perform at this amazing event and gain a qualification you attend the workshops free of charge.

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22nd January 2013

Highlands Village outreach program starting 29th January 2013 3-5pm

Come and get involved in our outreach programs at Highlands Village N21 we will be offering a broad range of skills from Radio Presenting, using Sorato, DJ’ing, Hosting and MC’ing or rapping the Academy will be offering these services to any one who lives within the area you will have the opportunity to get involved every week and work toward a qualification and a showcase event.

So thats Tuesday 3-5pm around the High lands village in the infamous Bass Station

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