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11th February 2011

Headlining Up & Coming Artist Omotee Angel K!

Last Month The DJ & MC Academy launched their new News feature Star Student, which has recieved an abundance of positive feedback and requests from former students to academy friends all the way up to sponsors and organisers. In the month of Febuary, The DJ & MC Academy have decided to put a twist on its Star Student page in order to showcase their more established of students, who are already leaving their mark on the music scene and well underway to pathing a career in the music industry!

Omotara Aladegbamigbe, stage name Omotee Angel K, is a 17 year old up and coming Artist and a British born Nigerian with a difference. Growing up on the streets of Woolwich (South East London) has certainly contributed to the urban sound of her music, which is personified along with an infusion of ethnic resonance and patriotic lyricism, paying homage to her Nigerian heritage.

Omotee Angel K (former student and supporter of the Academy) last week released her first single ‘RepreZent‘ which she collaborated with S.H.I.M.Z.I.E. Omotee Angel K was kind enough to do an interview with the DJ & MC Academy this week and here is what she had to say.

DJMC: So, Omotee Angel K, tell the Academy how you came up with the concept of your track Reprezent? and how do you feel the track RepreZent’s you?

Omotee Angel K: “Coming up towards the end of 2010, I decided to get serious about my music. I visited a friend who has a studio and explained my situation, and he agreed to do me an afro, techno beat and started work on it straight away. We decided to make a track that expressed what we ‘RepreZent’ and thats how we came up with the concept and title of the track. Personally, I feel the Song is about ‘Reprezenting what we believe in as young people’ as well as repreZenting  Christianity and going back to my roots, which are Nigerian. Some people believe that just because we live in a western society we forget where we are from and what we believe in, but its not like that at all and I feel I reflect this in my lyrics and music.”

DJMC: Interesting! Are you saying that your track ‘RepreZents’ identifies you culturally and socially growing up in urban London so that people can relate to your music?

Omotee Angel K: “I talk about my heritage alot because I want people to know and to be able to associate with me in everyway possible, be it culturally, musically, sportively or anything. Almost everyone that has listened to my lyrics have grasped the bar “CHECK MY DNA IM NAIJA MADE” To me this is a significant line as it identifies that even though I was born in London I still know where I am from. I believe that this reflects on current society because alot of people may have forgoten where they originate from.”

DJMC: What was it in particluar about RepreZent that you decided to release the track as your first single?

Omotee Angel K: There was a lot of controversy in regards to me releasing this song as my first single because it was talking about my heritage and certain people made me feel I wouldnt go far if I released a song like this one. I felt I should give up but remembered what Kerry & Chuck taught me in the first year with the Academy about following your dreams because you can only go as far as you want to and the Academy’s full support in what I do musically pulled me through. Also would like to say a Big up to my Boy S.H.I.M.Z.I.E. He is also an upcoming artist who assisted me in my music production, promotion etc.

DJMC: talking of heritage, who influenced your taste in music? and which musical artists inspired you that you wanted to pursue a music career yourself?

Amotee Angel K: I make Afro music, Hip hop and also Religious music (im very flexible), but I grew up listening to people like Usher, R-kelly, Toni Braxton, Akon, Missy Elliot and many others. I always tried to imitate these artists, however, now I am older I see that I could never be someone else other than myself. So now, I strive to be successful and perform with my own uniquness. I Did refer to an artist Called D’banj who is lyrically amazing. I have also alot of African and American Artist’s I look up to…R.I.P BIGGIE, One of the best. Big Up To My Girls, LADY MC & DJ TRICKLES, Positive female role models in society who are creating and carving the path in positive ways for young people in and around the UK.

DJMC (humbled): We are honoured to be considered as inspiration in your success! Could you tell us when and why you decided to enrol with the DJ & MC Academy? What you have gained from your participation in our accredited courses and how it has helped you to develop as an artist?

I Enrolled with The British DJ & MC Academy in 2009 because I have a strong passion for music and I wanted to find a way of commencing my music officially. I Took part in The DJ & MC’ing Course in 2009 and again in 2010, as the course was an accredited course whereby I passed a national QCF level 1 award in the Arts. If I was to start listing all the skills I have gained and learn’t from this experience, people would be reading for days! The tutors were so friendly and thoughtful, to the extent that even when the course was over they still checked on my progress and everything I may have needed assistance with e.g. Equiptment ect.

I gained some encouraging and quality advice along the way, which will stay with me forever rest assured. The Academy has taught me how to be bold, to be ambitious, smart, work as part of a team and has given me independence. My experience really cannot be summed up in one word alone, so i’m saying OUTOFTHISWORLD!

As a result of my participation of this course, I have now released my first single and working on an album.


Be the first to hear it here>> [audio:http://blog.djandmcacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Reprezent_21.mp3|titles=Omotee Angel K – RepreZent] Omotee Angel K – RepreZent

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12th January 2011

Star Student of the Week…Smurf!

To commence the New Year, the British DJ & MC Academy have set up a Star Student of the Week page to showcase our most excelled, distinguished and outstanding students who’ve participated in our courses. This week we have chosen Matthew Vrioni-White aka Smurf.

“Smurf joined the Academy back in 2008, one of the first students in Enfield Island Village. Smurf is one of the most dedicated young artists we have worked with. He has the drive of a successful person because he is always pushing the boundaries and successfully excelling!! Smurf not only records tracks and performs, but also designs his own brand of T-shirts! We are so proud of him and we will continue to support Smurf in his career!”
Lady MC, Co-Founder


Why did you enrol with the British DJ & MC Academy and how did you hear about us?

“At the time when I enrolled with the academy (going back about 3years now), I knew I enjoyed listening to music and had even tried writing a few lyrics. It was at my local youth club and the chance come up and I thought why not.”

What Course did you participate in with the British DJ & MC Academy?

“The course I did was an accredited MC-ing course.”

What do you feel you have learnt and gained from accomplishing the course?

“through the academy I discovered I had a talent haha and I think that’s the most important lesson of all and in regards to gaining, I have gained a lot. In the last 3 years a lot has happened I have done big performances such as Hackney Empire and got the chance to work with lots of fantastic people such as Coldsteps, Miss Melody and have built up a strong set of contacts and most of all I got to work with Kerry (Lady MC) and Krissy (DJ Trickles) as they have been the biggest help I could have ever asked for.”

What have you achieved personally by participating in the course?

“Well like I said the course I participated in was a while back but the fact is I feel with The British DJ and MC Academy is that they are very unique, in which most academys will just run the course for 6 weeks and then you will never hear from them again. The British DJ & MC Academy has stayed in contact with me for 3 years and there has been times when I’m stuck with music or even just stuck in general and have known that I can ring Krissy (DJ Trickles) or Kerry (Lady MC) whenever and I think that’s very important and shows dedication.”

Did you pick up any good advice or industry tips?

“Yes I picked up a lot of good and useful advice and tips while on my course and was tutored by Nutty P and MC Angel and they were very respectful towards me and very warm hearted. Even now years later I still talk to them, so they must have done something right? But many tips I was given and still am being given and hopefully one day when I’m an adult I can share my tips with other young people.”

How do you feel you have developed since doing the course? And has it opened any avenues for you in the industry or helped you on your way?

“Wow! Well since the course I have done lots of things. I have had a lot of industry interest, met big artists, done many performances, built a strong fan base and strong contact list. I am currently under promotion but like at the moment with my music I am coming out of the stage as a beginner and now my music is serious to me and my music is getting a minimum of 1,000 hits on youtube so hopefully in a few years you may see me about. I will never forget where it all began at the British DJ and MC Aacademy.”

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