Youth Centres

A range of modules and workshops perfect for the Youth Centre environment

Youth Centres

Youth centres are able to choose between a range of modules and workshops, appropriate for young people within their area. These can be, one-off programmes which last 2-3 hours, full day projects or even qualifications. Young people need to participate in at least 10 hours per unit to achieve qualifications. Young people are encouraged to continue their learning through more specific units. This is a fun, engaging way of getting young people to work as a team. They get to choose their own tracks, work on a radio schedule, and pick great topics for discussion at the same time as learning new skills. All of our modules and workshops can be themed to help tackle local issues such as bullying, drug misuse, gangs, or knife crime.

Project starts from £200 per workshop, this includes tutors, equipment, registers and certificates for all that take part. Qualifications start from £450 per person based on a 30-hour project.

Qualifications & AQA’s

We are currently working in partnership with Southgate and Barnet College, where our team work as lecturers regularly teaching 16-18 year olds BTEC level qualifications. We offer a range of AQA’s and Arts Awards, which can count toward UCAS qualifications, up to A-Level standard.

The qualifications we offer are:

  • DJ’ing and Radio Presenting Modules
  • MC’ing and Lyrical Writing
  • Music Production and Song Writing
  • Events Management
  • Communication
  • Reading, Writing and Interview Skills
  • Media including filming documentaries and music videos

Please contact us to find out more information about the modules and courses that are available.

Outreach Engage More Participants

In today’s current climate, many young people are faced with the challenge of finding positive activities to partake in within a safe environment. The foreclosure of many of the UK’s youth centres has exacerbated this, but the British DJ & MC Academy offers statistically proven methods that significantly reduce youth crime and anti-social behaviour.

Our state-of-the-art mobile music centres (MMCs) are fully equipped with an audio mixing desk, speakers, microphones, sequencers and other music equipment. The MMCs, supported by our experienced tutors, encourage young people to learn how to DJ, sing, dance, and radio present, all on their own doorstep.

We work in partnership with many local support organisations and services, signposting and promoting local activities and services where young people can continue their development.

Once young people have engaged in activities, within an environment which they feel is safe (home), they are signposted towards the nearest hub where they can have access to further skills training and qualification. At that point, we can step out of the picture and they can continue to have fun at their nearest hub.

Starting from £250 per workshop

Artist Development

The winter of 2012 saw the Academy launch its very own record label MD Records. Our first signees were artists who had previously engaged with our projects and workshops.

Since then, the three artists have started to gain recognition, with their music supported on national radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 and BBC 1xtra. They’ve also won several local competitions and performed at some of the most iconic venues in London such as Hackney Empire, Jazz Café London, the 606 Club, City Hall, Earls Court and the O2 Arena. We will continue to develop these talented artists throughout their careers as they move on to major record labels and publishers.

In partnership with Enfield Council we have built recording studios where we continue to offer young people training, qualifications and the opportunity to develop their skills further. These young people will become patrons for the Academy and will help to develop our next crop of talented young musicians.

We seek to provide young people with the relevant training they will need for the music industry and business, guiding them each and every step of the way to ensure that they are recognised commensurate to their talent. Through their passion and talent plus our expertise they can make living career from their passion.

Ask the office for more info

Youth Events

With our extensive network of partner schools, local youth centres and other institutions we are able to mobilize the support of hundreds of young people across a particular demographic. We’ve successfully coordinated many youth events, ranging from local outdoor festivals in general public spaces to talent showcases at the Millfield Theatre with over 450 young people in attendance.

We specialize in project managing events, recruiting the best local young talent and offering them opportunities to further develop their skills that they can put on their resume. Our volunteers initiative allows us to facilitate youth-led programmes in this area. Young people have previously, organized events, designed flyers, liaised with local councillors, arranged the venues and supplied equipment. It really is a fantastic and unique opportunity to make a real difference!

Our role in facilitating these events and programmes allows young people to pursues their passions, put them into practice as well as perform alongside world renowned music acts.

We specialize in managing events from start to finish; hand picking local young people to perform, offering them opportunities for further skills development, arranging the venue, flyers, running order, food, supplying equipment etc. So you can just relax and come and see the finished piece of art.

These events provide young people with a stepping-stone to put their passion into practice and gives them the chance to perform alongside big headline acts. Youth events can be tailored to each organisations individual requirement, whether it’s a low cost budget event or a lavish ceremony.

Events start from £700

What People Say

"Turning Words Into Dreams was one of the most popular courses making up GLYPT's Summer Arts College in 2010. I was really impressed with the quality and skill of the artists delivering the programme"
Claire Newby, Education Manager, Greenwich & Lewisham Young People's Theatre
"The DJ & MC Academy have provided a lively and young person led programme of work. The tutors are able to relate to the young people they are working with enabling all to take part. The way in which the team are able to adapt ensures that young people participate and create pieces of work that reflect their achievements. The relaxed and flowing style of the workers allows the project to be fluid allowing for spontaneous learning to occur at all stages."
Helen James, Youth Club Manager, Sutton
"We found The British DJ & MC Academy really fascinating and thought that it was a very engaging and interactive activity for children and young people within the community."
Marsha Gray, PR Officer, Blott R